Weaving And The Weekend

Thursday evening, Ben took Cora to visit his Dad.  I found myself home alone for probably only the second time since I had Cora.  I made some seafood (Ben generally doesn't like seafood), watched Grey's Anatomy, cuddled with the puppy, and enjoyed the silence.  I usually like to keep my hands busy while watching TV and was a little burned out from sewing, so I picked up a piece of cardboard and made a makeshift loom.  I've been inspired by Smile and Wave's weavings lately so I thought I'd try my hand at it.  I'm no pro, but I enjoyed the relaxing pace and trying out different patterns.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd pieces
Friday morning, I got a text from my landlord letting us know that he had a report of bed bugs in the building.  I left work early cause I was so grossed out and couldn't stop thinking about it.  I looked around our place and didn't find anything so I felt a little better, but I knew we still had to wait until the bug guy inspected the building.  We spent the rest of Friday nervously laughing about the situation and listening to Cora say "bed bug".  Luckily the bug guy came Saturday morning and found nothing in our building.

Cora and I went over to my parent's house to hang out.  We visited the local nursery to pick up some flowers and spent the afternoon planting flowers and hanging out outside.  There is a stray cat on their street and he kept following us around watching us garden and trying to become part of the family.  Ben came over later in the afternoon and we spent more time outside and had some delicious dinner.

Sunday was spent being as lazy as we possibly could... We didn't even change out of our pajamas.
How was your weekend?  Aren't lazy pajama days the best?  Anybody else garden over the weekend?


  1. I saw her weavings and they looked so fun! I wanted to try but you beat me to it! ;)

    What kind of seafood did you make? I love seafood.

    1. Try it! I need to get more colorful string/yarn because this is the variety I have.

      I made some shrimp and red beans and rice... not the best combo, but I still enjoyed having some shrimp since we normally don't have it.


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