A Magical Backyard

On our way home from a school playdate yesterday, we made an impromptu visit. We headed to the backyard to see if there were any flowers to pick to bring home. We walked into a yard full of Black-eyed Susans! We were being a little loud oohing and aaahing over the beautiful yard full of flowers until I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a deer! ...and another deer! We all just stared at each other until Cora made a little too much movement and the deer ran off. We picked a couple of flowers and Cora peeped down at the bottom level of the yard to see if she could spot the deer. The pictures aren't that great because it was already starting to get dark, but I'm hoping to get back there for some pictures in a morning golden hour. It was such a beautiful surprise!

If you could pick to have a field full of one flower, what would it be?

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