Life With Ida : 11 Months

11 months, wow! This year has flown by.  I can't believe how much Ida grows each month, and this last one has been a good one.
Ida has started to say some of her first words. She says "wow!" a lot. I love how her mouth squishes up so tiny while she's pronouncing the word. Ida also started saying "Mama".  One evening she said what we thought was mama while she was looking at me, but we weren't sure if she was actually trying to say it. The next morning, she was crying while I was rushing to get her a bottle and she whined then said "Mama" right when I laid down to cuddle with her. Ida says it a lot when she is hungry and wants food, so I think 'mama' might mean food to her instead of my name.
Ida has been pulling up and cruising around like crazy. She also loves to crawl around quickly into Cora's room or to try and get away from us. Ida giggle squeals and crawls away as quickly as she can. The girls love to 'chase' each other around the first floor and I love when my home is filled with their screams and laughter. When standing, she practices squats and is slowly building her leg strength.
Ida is basically my shadow. She needs to be with me at all times and when she isn't, she'll crawl to wherever I am (or cry). She always tags along when I'm gardening, working out, cooking, cleaning, etc. I love our quiet time together and love what a comforting presence she always is.
I'm shocked that my next Ida update will be for her first birthday! This last year has gone so quickly and so much has happened, but it also feels like Ida has always been here and she fits perfectly into our family. I love this sweet babe and her constant surprises.

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