Sunday Morning Worship

I love spending our Sunday mornings at a park or doing something nature-y. It is calming and relaxing and I love spending time in outdoors as a form of worship. Cora loves this little creek spot, so we decided to pack a picnic and spend a little bit of time hanging out, eating, and dipping our toes in the creek.

Cora loved dancing around the creek in the raining leaves. She'd gather all of the leaves she could and toss them into the water and watch as the leaves flowed down the creek. Cora was in her own little world the whole time and really only came to hang out with us while we were eating. It was the perfect little place to let her be on her own, but still let me hover over and keep an eye on her.

Ida was happy to sit on the blanket for a little bit. She loved watching Cora run around and just took in the views. I placed Ida on a rock and put her toes in the creek. She'd reach in and touch the water and grabbed at the leaves floating around her... and occasionally try to taste them.

It was the perfect little outing. It was relaxing, easy, and refreshing. I love adventuring with my girls and watching them fall in love with nature.

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