Cincinnati Art Museum

Last week, I took a little time off work to relax and have a little staycation with the girls. I had a dream about a bunch of my high school friends meeting up at an art show and the show had all kinds of crazy stuff, so I got the urge to go check out the Cincinnati Art Museum. I haven't been since I went for art history assignments in college, but I was excited to see some of the new stuff and for Cora to experience it for the first time. Above, Cora is admiring the Mihrab (prayer niche). This is right near the entrance and probably one of my top five things I loved from our trip.

Cora liked some things and didn't like others. We have a rule when looking at art (mostly from our trips to art fairs) that we only say what we like about things, and if we don't like it we just move on. Cora told me some things she liked, but we didn't spend too much time at any one piece. I've always been a Monet fan, so we had to stop and admire Rocks at Belle-Ile, Port-Domois (below).

We went to their current exhibit featuring Folk Art in America. Cora loved the little horse statues, lion statues (above), and the carousel figures of a rabbit and elephant. She had lots of questions about every single piece in the museum, so I did my best to answer what I could. At the Folk Art exhibit, we heard a tour guide talking about how when someone's loved one died, they would get a painting made of them. Cora is very curious about death so she had a lot of follow up questions about that.

Ida rode along in the stroller and seemed pretty content just riding along and looking at things. She stayed up the entire time and really only got a little fussy towards the end because you can't bring in food (and we're a family that loves our snacking).

The Anila Quayyum Agha exhibit (above) was stunning. The red box has the cutouts all over it and a light in the middle projects the pattern all over the room. So simple and complex at the same time. Cora was tired by the time we reached this room, but I know she would have loved to dance around in here if she had more energy.

When we were discussing going to the museum, I asked Cora if she'd been to the museum before. Her response was "is that the Jesus place?"  Ummm, I guess Cora. There might be some paintings of Jesus. I'm not sure what she was thinking of, but we managed to find a little bench to sit with a Jesus painting for her to stare at. This is one of the few pieces that I remember seeing in the past, so I'm glad we got to check it out a little longer than some of the others.
There is a great kid's area for the kids to create and play for a little bit, but Cora didn't seem interested in it that day so we skipped it. This was the perfect little staycation outing with the girls that we all seemed to really enjoy, and now I'm looking forward to some of their upcoming exhibits.

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