Conversations With Cora : Part VI

"I'll get my vampire teeth when I'm 5! I'll turn five, then BOOM! Vampire teeth!
You'll get your vampire teeth when you turn 29. Boom! Vampire teeth!"

I wrote 'I love you' to Cora on our drawing thing and she started crying... "That is soooo sweet. I love you so much! I love you so much! I love our family sooo much!"

I fed dinner to Cora (something simple that I usually make her) "I'm a huge fan, Mom! I'm a huge fan of yours!"

GLUBS = Gloves
TATA! = Ta-da!
KATAR = Guitar
Those zombie dreams were great... and I wasn't even scared!  Cause I punched them in the FACE!!!

I was talking to a kid about his dog and asked if it was a boxer.  Cora chimes in and says "my dad boxes!"

"Cemeteries are golf courses that old people used to use... and now that's where they're buried."
We were listening to music and something about God and the sun. "God is the sun, so he is probably orange... just like me!"

Whenever I have to go back to work after a couple of days off, Cora always asks if I can skip work, when I told her no, she said "Call your boss and tell him you'll be there, then I can go dressed as you and they'll never know. So I need a costume so I can go to work as you." We chatted about what she would need for a costume, so she settled on red pants, purple shirt, white skin, freckles, brownish hair... and "you'll also need orange fabric so you can wear a Cora costume"
I love this sweet girl and how she always brings so much laughter to our lives on a daily basis.

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