Family Adventures : Sharon Woods

When the girls and I visited Sharon Woods a couple of weeks ago with Jazz, Cora had so much fun that I knew we had to go back again soon. Last weekend, we headed take a little hike on my favorite trail.  Cora was too tired to walk most of the way, so Ben carried her. That was a treat for me too, because I normally take the girls on walks by myself and I end up carrying both of them.

Ida enjoyed our walk and loves looking around at nature. She stayed up the entire hike and enjoyed giggling whenever Cora was whiny. The pace was extremely slow and we stopped at all of the overlooks. We enjoyed the weather and I loved taking in our surroundings.

Of course, we had to stick our feet in the creek when we were finished with the hike.  Cora loves wading in the creek, so we stayed there for a quite a while. I love our little family adventures.

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