Fall Walks in the Neighorhood

Our town has been working on extending their bike path and it turns out that part of it is only a block from our house. When we headed out Tuesday to go vote, we were able to check it out  since it leads almost straight from our house to our polling place.  We enjoyed the crisp weather and all of the fall leaves.

Cora's style is really developing lately. Cora loves to pick out her outfits, so there is always a lot of compromising when we need to make sure she is warm enough for walks. On our walks, Cora is really into picking up as many leaves as she can (just like her momma) and enjoys looking at all of her nature finds. She puts her favorites at the top of the stroller so she can have them for a little bit longer.

Ida is always happy to be along for the ride. She watches as her sister runs around like a crazy person and will point to things she finds interesting. Once Cora and I have picked out some favorite leaves, we like to give some to Ida to play with. Ida will wave them around and take a good look at them as we continue to walk.

I love finding all these new places so close to our home that we can explore together. All of the trees in our yard are just green or brown or already bare, but I love that we can just go for a quick walk and check out the fall beauty around us. I also love having these two adventurers to explore with.

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