Conversations With Cora : Part VII

It's been two months since I shared my last convos with Cora post. She has been such a fiery spirit lately and I'm doing my best to keep up with both girls as far as documenting and enjoying life. She loves chatting nonstop about anything and everything, so it's hard to remember all the awesome things she says.  Here are some of my favorites lately:
I can't believe I didn't share this one before.  Just thinking about it always makes me laugh out loud. Whenever we go over to our neighbor friend's house, Cora runs up to the porch, opens the mail flap, and yells "hellloo?! wanna plaaay?!""

Cora: How do you cook food?
Ben: Apply heat.
Cora: I wanted to know how to cook food and dad told me! Woooo hooo!!!

Cora is really obsessed with passing time. She's always asking which days she goes to school, which days I'm at home, which days we have events, etc. Because of this I started a monthly calendar and have everything color coordinated so she can start reading those words or symbols for other things like parties, holidays, or my work from home days. We discuss what is coming up each month...
"after Nobember, comes YESbember!"

Me: what month is it?
Cora: Nobember, turkey month!
Me: What do we celebrate on Thanksgiving?
Cora: FEEEEAAAAST! Family and togethertime! ... And FEEEAAAST! First we kill the turkey, then we cook the turkey, then we chop up the turkey, then we eat the turkey!!!

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