Trick Or Treat

I got off work a little early so I could pick up Cora from school and see their little costume parade. All of her classmates are the cutest and I love seeing what each child decides to dress up as. Cora and I stopped by Kroger to pick up ingredients for Sweet Potato Pie and some more candy.

Ida greeted us in costume.  Ben said he put on her costume to drop Cora off to school, and Ida refused to take it off the rest of the day. It's pretty much a onesie with extra gloves attached, so I get why she wouldn't mind wearing it all day. I loved seeing her in costume whenever she'd sneak up on me. We like to take holidays slow so we can really enjoy them, so we spent the most of the afternoon slowly getting ready.

We made some Sweet Potato Pie (You can find my recipe here... it's the bomb!) and my parent's came over to see the girls, get some pictures, and have some pie. When I was younger, my grandparents always came over to our house to help pass out candy and we'd have pumpkin pie at the end of the night... so my parents visiting was a nice little reminder of that. Aren't they the cutest?!

The girls and I did a little bit of Trick-Or-Treating, then met up with our neighbor friends around 6:30. We headed down our street and weaved our way through some of the less crowded surrounding streets. It was fun catching up with my mom-friend and the kids always love running around with each other.
When we got home, I handed out the rest of the candy then we headed in to have some dinner and get ready for bedtime. It was a perfect first Halloween in our home.

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