Life With Ida : 14 Months

Another month and Ida baby is growing bigger and bigger.
Ida has started sleeping in her room with Cora. We made it for a week straight before she figured out that she can get out of bed in the middle of the night and come into my bed. Like I said before, she's a huge cuddler so she really wants those night time snuggles. We're slowly working out some of the kinks with our bedtime routine/situation, 
Ida is world's cuddliest baby.  She always has to be touching someone and loves loves loves to cuddle. We still do some baby wearing whenever I'm doing something outside and she's happy to tag along and occasionally take a nap. I work from home once a week and she is always following me around and making sure she is getting as much cuddles in as she can.

Ida loves to eat and is always signing 'more' in the smallest way possible... even her signing is quiet. I usually sit her down in her high chair to start eating when I start cooking dinner. Ida will munch away the entire time I'm cooking dinner and then will even eat some dinner.  
Ida is a huge fan of the movie Trolls. TV doesn't hold her attention very much (which is fine by us), but when we play Trolls for her, baby girl will watch the entire movie. She loves the songs and she'll usually get up and dance when they come on. She doesn't try to say real words much, but whenever I mention Trolls she will make the most excited face and say something that vaguely sounds like trolls. She loves Trolls, but she also really likes reading. She loves to flip through her little books and checking out all of our touch&feel books.
Ida is really running around. She walks way more than she crawls and loves playing chase with her big sister. Ida also loves to tease her big sister.  She'll get some of Cora's toys and run off, or the second Cora leaves a chair or a cuddle spot, Ida will swoop in to claim it for her own. Ida also loves to carry around little stuffed animals and have anybody around give the toy kisses
Watching Ida grow up has been so fun, and it's really fun to watch a baby grow up with an older sibling and see how different life with a baby is when there is so much interaction with an older child. I can't wait for the holidays this year with Ida. She is loving our Christmas tree so far and I'm sure she will love checking out all of the Christmas decorations.

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