Easiest Cookie Cake Ever

This is the easiest cookie cake and my new go-to for celebrating birthdays!

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Buy two packets of the break-and-bake cookies. I used to buy name brand, but have found store brand is just as good.  Put both packets in a 9"x13" and bake in the oven at the suggested temperature for about an hour. Time may vary depending on your oven and the brand dough you buy, so I usually start checking it around 30 minutes to make sure I don't burn it. 
Optional: after the dough has melted a bit (anywhere between 10-30 minutes), I like to use a spatula to smooth out whatever creases there are.
Let it cool for an hour or so (I usually wait overnight) before you start decorating the top.

I use Betty Crocker Easy Flow Icing to decorate. I love the different nozzles and I'm slowly getting the hang of different ways I can decorate with it. This comes in a bunch of different colors and so easy to use.

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