Baby Bookworms : May

Even when it's hot, Ida loves to crawl under the covers and read a good book. Ida picks a lot of the same books to read over and over, but Cora is always picking a new favorite. Thanks to Cora's birthday, we have lots of new options to pick from.
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Boy + Bot - A fun little story about a boy finding a robot friend. 

The Book With No Pictures - My girls love to giggle at this book and it definitely lives up to the hype

Rosie Revere Engineer - A cute book about a young girl that wants to be an engineer and comes up with all kinds of inventions. I love having books that encourage girls to use their brain and follow their dreams. There is also a workbook that goes along with this that I've already added to our 'to buy' list. This author also has some other cute books like Ada Twist Scientist and Iggy Peck, Architect that I'm also adding to Cora's list. 

The Story of Ferdinand - Cora and I went on a date to see the movie this winter and now we're loving reading the book together. It's a classic, but somehow I've never read it until this month when it was gifted to Cora for her birthday.

Paddington - Another classic loved by both my girls.

Where's Waldo? The Wonder Book - Cora got this for her birthday and it has been a favorite the entire month. We all love to sit down and search for Waldo and the other characters. We make a little competition out of it and love to brag about who found the most on each page.
Sunny Day Point 'n' Match - I feel like I share this one every month, but it is seriously Ida's favorite!

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