Birthday Zoo Trip

It's basically a tradition of ours to make a trip to the zoo on or around Cora's birthday to enjoy the zoo blooms (see last year here). Monday, I took a half day so I could spend some extra time with the girls and we could enjoy the nice weather on a small trip to the zoo. Cora has been asking to go for a couple days, but we wanted to avoid the weekend zoo rush so Monday was the perfect day.
We immediately found some good blooms to take a picture in front of so we could get that out of the way... and I knew they'd probably get grumpy as the afternoon goes on. I asked the girls to just smile at the camera real quick while I took a couple pictures (by a couple, I mean 50), but instead she gave her sister a hug and I got these sweet photos of my girlies doing what they always do.

Ida hasn't really been to the zoo since last summer when she was not even one, so everything was new to her. She was loving all of the activity around the zoo and couldn't stop pointing at the flowers and people.

Cora was tired from school, so she ended up riding along in the stroller for most of the time. Ida had no problem giving up the stroller so she could stretch her legs and lead the way . We stopped by the kids area and spent a lot of time watching the penguins run around. Cora seemed so big when she climbed up to peek over the railing, but so tiny when she needed to ride in the stroller. A contrast that has been popping up more and more as my little baby gets older.

We decided we didn't want to stay too long. We planned to ride the train then maybe start to head towards the exit as we visit a couple more animals. Ida loooved the train ride. She couldn't stop looking around and loved to wave and say hi to everyone as we rode by . Cora loved to make sure her sister was following the rules and watch Ida excitedly wave.

Outings by myself with both girls are pretty exhausting, but totally worth it! All three of us had a great time, but we were definitely ready to get home and spend the rest of the evening resting.

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