Mother's Day Flower Pots

I have always loved the idea of painted flower pots for a Mother's Day gift, but I get sad thinking about the girls doing a project without me... So last year Ben, Cora, and I painted together and now our new Mother's Day tradition is to have a family flower pot painting session. I buy $1 terra cotta pots (like these from Home Depot or Lowes), lay out the drop cloth, put on some music, and we all get to work. It is fun to see what everyone decides to paint and I can't wait to have a huge collection of painted pots.
This year was extra exciting for me because it was Ida's first time painting. Cora started painting around 18 months, so I knew Ida should start painting soon. Ida ended up loving the project and doing such a good job. She only tried to eat the paint once and was surprisingly clean overall. She observed the rest of us as we would pick up our pot or move it around and followed along so well... Ida is basically a prodigy.

Ben started out with a simple plain white and brownish pot, then added this creepy character. The face creeps me out a bit, but it's growing on me and now I kind of like the weirdness of it.  
Cora picked a rainbow pallete and got straight to work. She painted stripes of rainbow around the sides and then took some inspiration from Ben and added a person. Cora told me it was "a zombie with it's leg ripped off"... thank you Cora, so lovely!

We repotted some mini roses that I already have and we'll find something new for Ben's pot. I love looking at these when I stand at my kitchen sink and I love the little memories from our family painting session.

 A couple days later, the girls worked on their Mother's Day pot for my mom.

What is your favorite Mother's day DIY?

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