Life With Ida : 20 Months

Busy month with my Ida boo. We have had so many activities with Cora's birthday and Ida has been such a trooper. She's done her best trying to run around with the big kids and play with them when she can, but always checks in with her momma for cuddles.

Ida loves the warmer weather and she's constantly asking to go outside. We had a fun trip to the zoo and she had the best time. I can't wait to get her back for many trips to the zoo this summer. Most days she's up for a little walk down the street. Ida walks (more like runs) halfway then rides in the backpack on the way back.

Ida is learning more and more words. She is way more vocal now than she was a month ago. It seems like Ida whispers words and practices them until she is really confident and then says them loudly. I love the little words she chooses to whisper and how each time she speaks its a surprise.

I love her little giggles and scrunchy laugh face. She is so giggly... especially when she is doing something sneaky. When Cora isn't looking, Ida loves to play with her toys or sneak into her tent. She loves to be chased and is never stops giggling when it's chase time.
My camera roll is full of sleeping baby pics of my kids... There is nothing better than a sleeping baby! Ida is still co-sleeping, but I'm slowly working on trying to get her out of the my bed by her 2nd birthday. We're trying to decide what we want to do with their room. Bunk beds? queen bed? We will see, but for now, I love my sweet Ida cuddles.

Ida has been working on her craft skills a lot this month. She painted for the first time this month and loved it. Ida also loves to color. She joins in the coloring every chance she gets. She is still coloring on her hands and legs, but keeps it off the walls and table... so I'm not too upset about it.
Thanks to the warmer weather, we're enjoying lots of time outside. Ida loves to hang out on the porch and especially loves popsicles on the porch. Her sister loves to play with the neighbors, but Ida prefers to stay on our own porch or do her own thing.

I can't believe how fast she is growing, but I am loving it! I am so looking forward to this summer and all of the adventure that we have coming up.

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