Losing Teeth and Preschool Graduation

Last week was a big week for Cora. Cora had a loose tooth for weeks and kept saying she was going to pull it out of her mouth on stage at "gradulation". The day before her last day of school, she negotiated having me pull her tooth out if we could go out for treats. I agreed and we pulled her tooth out and went out for ice cream. She was so excited to tell everyone we crossed paths with that she lost her first tooth.

Cora had her last day of school and I was sad to say goodbye to the school she's been going to for the last 3 years. I'm not 100% sure that's where we'll send Ida (there are lots of schools closer to us and we have to figure out schedules), so I was extra sad to say goodbye. I don't think Cora really realizes she'll be starting a new school next year with all new friends, but she's excited to enjoy the pool and vacation this summer.

The school had a little graduation ceremony with a slideshow and singing. Ida was not happy in the audience and ran up and tackled Cora. I love these sweet sisters, but a bit embarrassing that she was such a wild baby that evening. They had cake and refreshments after and Cora loved running around with her friends at their last school event.

I took a couple pictures of Cora when we got home. I can't believe how fast she is growing and that she will already be in Kindergarten next year. It has been such an adventure mothering this sweet girly and I'm looking forward to what the years ahead have in store for her. 

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