Father's Day Zoo Trip

We made two trips to the zoo this weekend. Saturday, I had a work party so we suffered through the hot weather and enjoyed a quick trip. We stopped by the picnic, ate, checked out the animal encounters they had (lizards and pancake turtles), and rode the carousel. Ida tried out the carousel again and loved it. She rode an animal that doesn't move up and down and Ben was right by her side cheering her on.

Ida did the painting a couple weeks ago and Cora drew a picture on top of it to make the perfect present for my dad. She drew a picture of "Poppy, me, and Ida swimming". 
Sunday, my dad wanted to celebrate Father's Day with a family trip to the zoo followed by a brunch. We saw some animals, rode the train, and enjoyed running around with the family. 

Ida Rue was loving running around with Poppy. The girls are so lucky to have him as a grandpa. 

The zoo trip was followed by late brunch at my sister's house. The kids played outside in their water table and baby pool and they had the best time. It was the perfect weekend with our family celebrating some of the dads in our life. 

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