Vegetable Garden : Watching Things Grow

Looking back at our garden last month, I'm amazed at how it has changed in such a short amount of time. This month, we added watermelon plants and some zucchini and cucumber seedlings. I've done a bit more reading and figured out that part of my problem last year was watering too much. Even though we visit the garden beds on a daily basis, I've taken a step back and water way less often.

We get so excited each and every time we see a new little baby vegetable growing. Right now we have some baby tomatoes, baby Roma tomatoes, baby sweet peppers, and baby red bell peppers. Our plants are getting so big and there are tons of flowers all over all of them... so we're hoping for lots and lots of veggies.

One of our beds is mostly full with our watermelon plants. The below picture was less than a week ago and it's at least two times bigger than this. The vines have started to cascade out of the bed and Ben accidentally mowed over one, but the other ones are growing nicely. Because there are some empty spots in that bed, Ida loves to bring her tools out and dig a little bit each time we check on our plants.

We put out our Mother's day flower pots on the garage windowsill to liven the patio space up a bit. Those plants have been thriving since we put them outside and I like that I can see them from my kitchen window.
I love watching our girlies check on the plants, dig a bit, and cheer over each new baby vegetable that we find. This has been a fun project for all of us and we can't wait for our first harvest.

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