Life With Ida: 21 Months

This is such a fun month with my girl Ida. May was so full with the end of the school year and Ida had a blast with each and every activity. Ida is the best about going with the flow and up for whatever we have planned.
We finally renewed our family zoo pass and have made quite a few trips to the zoo. Ida had her first ride on the carousel. She screamed in excitement for the first 30 seconds until she realized that she was not a fan. We'll try again another day with an animal that doesn't move up and down. Other than the terrifying carousel ride, Ida loved the zoo.

Ida loves to curl up in my lap for books or tv and it is the sweetest thing. I love those cuddles and I love seeing which books she chooses to bring to me. Some day she'll be too big to curl up in my lap, so I'm treasuring these moments while I can.
Ida loves to color! She's still in the scribble stage which is one of my favorites... But I do a lot of telling her not to color on her legs or toys.  We spend a lot of our coloring time chatting, and Ida is becoming quite the chatterbox lately. Since she is normally pretty quiet, it is such a fun surprise to hear all the new words she learns. Ida is constantly asking "whatsthis?!" and practicing new words.

I try to get the girls outside every day, but don't always want to work on the garden, go to the park, or run around outside. We spend a lot of our snack times on the front porch. The girls love to holler greetings at our neighbors walking by and wave at cars. They love popsicles on the porch and searching for squirrels and bugs
Summer brings pool time. We haven't gotten a pool pass yet, but have been able to take advantage of neighborhood events and guest passes with Poppy. Cora is mostly independent (especially in the baby pool) so I get lots of time with Ida. It takes her a long way to warm up to the water, but once she's warmed up it's hard to get her out. She's a little water baby just like her momma and I love it!

PS. Ida boo is still constantly making her grumpy face! She has learned to "cheese" for the camera, but I love when I can catch her little grump face

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