Life With Ida : 9 Months

Crawling, pulling up, and starting to cruise.  Ida is really learning to get around and she seems like she'll be pretty mischievous. She's always trying to check out what is going on and loves to peek out the bedroom window to look around.
Ida loves to tease us.  She loves to pull on Cora's hair and there have been times where Cora was napping next to her and she starts to reach out. I warn her and she gives me the sneakiest little look. Ida also loves to put her pacifier in our mouth and then yank it out and giggle at us.  Its a fun little game she likes to play and makes us all laugh.  I have a feeling we'll have our hands full with this little stinker.

Ida is still trying all foods and doing an awesome job feeding herself.  She really loves nachos/burrito type food, spaghetti, and lasagna. Ida doesn't have teeth yet, but somehow she manages to eat pretty much anything that is within reach.
She's making more and more noises and starting to say what sounds like 'dada'.  She's still pretty quiet most of the time, but I love when she surprises us with loud noises or babbling. Sometimes Ben, Cora, and I will be really loud and Cora loves to join in with a high pitched scream. It is the cutest thing ever.
She sleeps really well at night lately.  I only have to nurse her once or twice and I've been getting a lot of pretty good sleep, so it has been nice hitting that milestone.  We've been discussing moving Ida into Cora's room soon since she's doing so well sleeping. The girls love being around each other and Cora can't wait until they can share a room.
Ida LOVES baths.  We've been doing lots of sink baths because loves making a mess when she eats. She splashes all over the place and loves it. Cora likes to help with the sink baths and Ida loves spending anytime she can with Cora.
Happy 9 months happy little Ida! I love all of the laughter and cuddles you bring to our family.

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