Vegetable Garden : Progress

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One of the things I was looking forward to when we moved into our own house was starting a vegetable garden.  I love vegetables and I'm cheap so I would love getting tons of veggies for very little cost.  I did as much reading as I could, lots of Pinning, and a little bit of planning.

We made this raised bed out of scrap pieces of wood I had. Cora and I tried just nailing them together, but that was not the best way to construct it. I bought some corner brace things and Ben and I put this together one evening.

I threw in some cardboard boxes from our move and moved dirt from the existing raised beds.  Cora and I picked up a bunch of seeds at Lowes and worked on germinating the seeds in damp paper towel and ziploc baggies.  I was getting a little discouraged because it was taking a while, but a couple days later I looked and little roots were sprouting in everything but the beans.

I planted the seeds, watered, and hoped for the best.  A couple days later things started to pop up and we were way too excited for it. I was still a little worried about the beans because I hadn't seen any activity yet, but one day they just started popping up.  By the end of that day, almost all of the bean seeds had popped up and were growing fairly quickly.

Using some bamboo sticks and netting, I made these little bean teepees and whatever that other thing is called for the plants to grow up on. I'm really just winging it with a lot of things regarding this garden, so time will tell if these methods worked.

I've only had to do a little bit of weeding and watering it at least once a day, but the plants seem to be doing pretty good. I am far from being a knowledgeable gardener, but this little project has been so fun for me and Cora to work on.  I can't wait until the plants start getting veggies and we can eat straight from the garden.
See more of our garden updates and pictures at #CoopstromsGarden

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