Lightning Bugs

Our backyard has turned out to be one of the best place to hunt fireflies.  One evening, Cora and I headed downstairs to watch the sunset and we ran around catching lightning bugs for quite a while. It became one of the activities that Cora loved talking about and asking if it was time for the lightning bugs to come out.
We saved a queso jar, painted the top, and set it up so we could catch fireflies.  We drilled a couple of holes, made sure we put a damp paper towel in the jar (keep the air in the jar humid), and added some grass and flowers so there was something for them to climb around on. The first night we put bugs in our firefly jar, Cora was obsessed. She couldn't stop yelling whenever her bugs would do something. She put her arm around Ida and showed her the bugs saying "It's nature, Ida! It's nature!"

Each evening, we've gone out and released the lightning bugs that we had in the jar that day and catch new ones.  It has been fun observing the bugs, running around catching new ones, and coming up with new names for the bugs (Zemo, Mr Bugface, Eno, Neno, her cousins names, Mr Chubbyface, Xylophone, etc).

I love these sweet summer evenings of running around the backyard after those blinking lights and watching the sunset behind the trees.

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