Kitchen : Progress

As a reminder, here are pictures of our kitchen before we moved in:

Not too much has changed in the room.  We got a new (to us) fridge when we moved in.  The old one was moldy and we just didn't want to make the effort to clean it.  We found this fridge at a scratch and dent store for an amazing price.  There are a couple noticeable scratches on the front and a dent in between the handles that you can only see when the fridge is open.  We spent a bunch of time cleaning all of the cabinets inside and out, lining the drawers with contact paper, and starting to organize.  We put our old dining room table in there and it's where we share most of our family meals.

Since I've taken the pictures, we've taken down the sconces above the sink, but otherwise not much has changed. I'm not sure what we have planned for this room yet.  We'd love to redo the backsplash and paint the cabinets, but we may just wait until it's ready to reconfigure the room with new cabinets. Another room we're putting on the back burner until we get a bunch of the other necessary tasks completed.

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