Master Bedroom : Progress

It doesn't seem like much has happened since we moved in... until I look back at the before photos.

We painted everything white when we moved in.  After looking at the room, I decided I wanted black doors (which has always been on my wish list for a home anyways).  Ben got me the dresser from EBTH for a steal and that's pretty much where we're at right now.

+ Replace fan. (done, just need pictures)
+ Build bed/side tables.  I have some ideas for this, but no official plans yet.
+ Build/upholster headboard
+ Hang pictures.  Planning a wall of pictures (kind of like Ashley's)
+ Get rug or FLOR tiles.  This is a tricky room since the bed is covering half of it and the other half is essentially a cut through for the bathroom and man cave.  Thinking FLOR tiles may be the way to go.
+ Mount TV.  Still deciding if I want it in it's current spot or if we want it above the dresser.  Once we decide, we'll put it up since we already have a mount.
+ Redo closet. Paint whole closet and put in to place some kind of organization system
+ Make art for above the beds.  I'm thinking of some kind of wall hanging or even hanging some african baskets.  I have a bunch of ideas so I'm putting that off until the bed gets done.
+ Figure out something to do with the giant blank wall.
+ Curtains? Or some other window covering?  Still undecided on this.

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