House Exterior : Progress

I feel like I've put tons of work out here, but making very little visible progress at this point.  I don't have too much to share, but I wanted to share some of my own pictures and plans.
In the backyard, I moved the stones from this circular bed. We found that when we were playing outside it was just in our way and we'd walk right through it, so I'm slowly working on getting rid of that.  I'm transplanting a bunch of the hastas to the front garden and trying to even out the area.  I'm hoping some of the spreading 'weeds' we have will cover up this area without too much work from me, but we'll see how that goes.  I still need to fill in some of the divots so there aren't a bunch of random holes in the yard.
I've slowly been working on clearing out behind the garage.  There is a ton of overgrown weeds, trees, leaves, and overall junk.  It's taking so much time, but progress is progress.  I also started tearing apart the raised bed.  The wood was rotting, so I reused some of that soil for my veggie garden and I'll reuse the irrigation system on another raised bed when I get that fully taken out. I'm planning on putting some french doors in the back of the garage and turn it into a little studio, or 'she shed' as they call it these days.  I'll share more of those plans when we're closer to implementing them

I've also slowly been working on the front garden.  I cleared out a bunch of dandelions and moved some of the hastas up there.  My sister bought me some tulip bulbs from the zoo and we planted those up in the front too.  Not much to look at yet, but we're in it for the long haul.  
Other than that, not much has changed with the house exterior.  We have big plans, but it's going to take quite a while (and lots of money) to get to them all.  We have the following low cost things on our to-do list for this year (hopefully):
+ remove honeysuckles in front garden/yard
+ remove screened in porch
+ remove awnings
+ train some plants up the fence (started with some clematis so far... not super successful)
+ clean up the patio so we can enjoy some Friday night cookouts
+ save up for some long term plans like painting the house, new roof, etc

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