Cora's 4th Birthday Celebrations

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Cora's 4th birthday celebrations were really relaxed, but so fun.  We spread out things throughout the weekend so we weren't too busy to enjoy it all.  

Friday night, Cora and I went on a date to the grocery store to get some cupcake mix, frosting, and sprinkles. We don't get much one-on-one time together, so we enjoyed our little date and talking about being four. We also let Cora open one of her presents... she got a remote control car and she loves it. We spent the rest of the evening playing around with her new toy.

Saturday was full of putzing around the house, errands, some gardening, long baths, and just being completely lazy.  We mixed up some frosting in different colors and decorated the cupcakes.  Cora loved decorating with sprinkles and having tastes of the frosting.  We love having days like that where we see where the day takes us and we spend lots of time relaxing, watching tv, and cuddling.

Sunday we hung out around the house.  My aunt and uncle came over for some cupcakes before they head out of town. Cora got to open the rest of her gifts and we spent the rest of the day just hanging around the house. Cora tested our her new gardening gloves and elephant watering can and loved watering our plants.

I took off work Monday, Cora's actual birthday, so I could go do something fun with her.  We met up with my sister and nephew at the zoo and had fun hanging out with them the whole day.  Cora got to feed the giraffe and we enjoyed looking at the animals without having to deal with the crowds we normally see on the weekends.

Cora told me she wanted a surprise at the zoo.  When I asked her what kind of surprise she wanted, she told me "I don't know, maybe balloons"  My sister ended up bringing some balloons (without me telling her) and Cora loved the surprise. Birthday magic! Ida turned out to be a huge fan of the balloons and they both have gotten a lot of time playing with them. My brother came over that evening so we could sing and have cupcakes with Cora.

It was the perfect relaxing birthday weekend full of lots of cupcakes.  I love watching this girl get bigger and watching her excitement as we celebrated her birthday. Happy birthday Cora!

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