Lemonade Stand

Saturday, Cora decided she finally wanted to set up her lemonade stand.  We purchased everything for the stand a couple of weeks ago and knew it would be something that Cora would love to do. We mixed up our secret lemonade recipe and got everything set up outside. Cora was a huge help with everything and loved testing the lemonade.
Seconds after I taped the sign to the front of the table, a man pulled up and bought our first lemonade. He sipped it as he walked away before turning around and saying "you know what?! This is actually good!" That was a comment that we got a lot from a lot of our customers.  I wasn't sure how to react to that, but I'm glad everyone liked it.
Our neighbor friend stopped by end helped out a little bit and run around with Cora between customers. He has some plans to do a snow cone stand some day, so that will be fun to collaborate with them.

Cora was waving at all of the passing cars and she loved having people stop by and get lemonade. Whenever she would see somebody walking down the street she would say "There is another customer!" Whenever someone passing didn't have money, we went ahead and gave them some on the house. Cora loves serving others, so this has been really fun for her.

Cora made a pretty good amount and is halfway back to breaking even. She used her money to treat the family to Green Man Twist ice cream. We plan on making some cookies or some other kind of treat to expand our inventory for the next lemonade setup and I imagine this will be a fairly regular thing for us.

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