A Mother's Day Weekend Full of Mother Nature

Friday night, Cora slept over at my parent's house so I got a lot of chores and TV watching done that evening (Ben and I are watching the new Prison Break).  The school was having a relay for life event, so we took advantage of the extra noise and worked on building our garden bed.  Ida loves her only-child nights and was hamming it up the entire night.
Saturday, my parents dropped Cora off around noon.  We quickly got ready for a birthday party and headed out for the day. Cora loves parties and had the best time running around playing with her friends. I enjoyed the nice weather and catching up with the other school moms.

After the party, the girls and I stopped by Home Depot to pick up a couple things.  We took our time walking around looking at all of the flowers.  I picked up some terra cotta pots for us to paint as Mother's day presents to my sister and mom from Cora. We spent the rest of the evening painting our flower pots.

Sunday was a long day. I woke up early and the girls quickly followed. Normally they sleep in until 10ish so I enjoyed a couple extra hours with the girls.  We bathed, had breakfast, walked around the yard, and just hung out for a little bit. Cora and I went on a date to Sam's club then worked on planting the flowers.

We headed over to my parent's house for some Mother's Day celebrations. We had some delicious food and spent the rest of the day relaxing on their deck and hanging out with each other.

I'm so lucky to be a mommy to these two sweet babes.  They have been the biggest blessing to our family and I can't imagine my life without them.

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