Life With Ida : 8 Months

This has been a big month for Ida. At 7 months, she was hitting some milestones but just wasn't super into the getting around. All of a sudden she was sitting up confidently, rolling quickly, and crawling across the bed in seconds.  We were amazed at how fast the change was... like one day she was a little baby and the next she feels so big.  

She still loves going on walks (always falling asleep in the carrier) and continues to enjoy watching the sunsets with me.  I've been trying to work in the yard and I put her on a towel and she loves it. She's always curious and checking out her surroundings.

Ida is still trying lots of foods and loving every single taste. She seems to have Ben's tastebuds and loves spicy foods and bubbly water and she crawls the fastest when she sees food.
I can't believe how fast Ida is growing.  I'm loving watching her grow and seeing her friendship with Cora flourish.  I'm pretty much the luckiest Momma to have such a sweet baby.

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