Slowing Down on Weekends

I'm a person that loves to be busy. I always have an activity planned for the day or a project on the list, but I've been trying to change that.  I'm working on slowing down life by making sure our days aren't full of activities, not scheduling our evenings out, and really just listening to the kids and current family mood when we're deciding what to do. This has made our time together a lot more relaxing and open to finding those sweet moments like picnics next to the garden or impromptu ice cream dates.

My favorite part of the long weekend was the amount of one-on-one time I got with my kids. Cora slept in Saturday, so Ida and I got to go on a walk and pick up some donuts to surprise Ben and Cora. We spent the rest of the day working in the garden with the girls and hanging out.

Sunday, Cora and I got to go on an ice cream date.  We had fun chatting and she loved meeting every other person that was getting ice cream. I'm always surprised by her outgoing-ness and how easily she makes friends and comes up with things to chat about.  I love how many people I've met because of her friendliness.
Cora went over for a sleepover at my parent's, so I got a lot of time hanging out with Ida.  She loves to crawl around, giggle, and climb onto my chest to cuddle. She's been doing this wrinkle nose smile lately and it makes me so happy. She hasn't been sleeping well lately, so I enjoyed the extra cuddles.

The weekend may have been full of things and I got a lot done in my garden/yard and around the house, but I loved taking it slow and seeing where the day went.  It was the perfect slow weekend.

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