The Longest Birthday Ever!

Our family always jokes about spreading out our birthdays a week or so with our family parties and other festivities, but this year Cora wins the cookie cake for spreading her birthday out three whole weeks. We had some birthday celebrations the weekend of her birthday, but never got around to her family birthday party due to family members being out of town and me having too much on my plate to plan something.
Well we got our act together and had a little birthday party for her last weekend. I wanted to do something pretty easy since I'm a little busy these days working and momming. Tuesday, I called up and reserved the park near our house then ordered ahead everything we needed from Panera and Kroger Clicklist for a birthday brunch.  My girl loves balloons, pink, and all things party related, so I wanted to get a couple things to jazz the shelter up a little bit. We stopped by Target during the week to pick up some pink and white themed plates, napkins, table cloth, utensils, and balloons.  It ended up being too cold/windy for the balloons, but we still put out the table cloths and had the pretty pink plates and napkins.

We served bagels, fruit salad, hard boiled eggs, and various drinks. We had a homemade cookie cake for dessert. had everything loaded up in a cooler, large bag, and my stroller and it was easy to setup and tear down. It was pretty stress free party, so I definitely think the birthday brunch is here to stay.

We had so much fun with all of the celebrations and spreading them out was easier and less stressful, but I'm glad all of her birthday festivities are finally over. Happy birthday Cora!!!

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