Sibling Love

One of the questions I received most often after Ida was born was "How does Cora like having a sister?" or "How are the girls getting along?".  We've been lucky so far that they have so much love for each other and get along pretty well.  Before I was even pregnant, Cora was asking when she was going to get a sibling and how she couldn't wait to have a sibling of her own. She spent the entire pregnancy so excited that she was going to have a sibling soon and she could barely contain her excitement at the thought of having a sister. She would lovingly kiss my belly goodnight and pray for baby's health... So I was a little nervous when the first time they met and Cora held her for 2 seconds before declaring "Done!"

8 months later and they're completely in love with each other.  Cora is always asking where Ida is. Cora loves cuddling her, feeding her, and making her giggle.  She also kind of loves to mess with her, but ultimately she wants to be a good sister and make Ida happy.

Ida is also a huge fan of Cora.  Her first giggles were at Cora and loves being around her. 
She's also a typical younger sister where she gives a little chuckle whenever Cora is in trouble.

They love to cuddle.  When they're napping and on complete opposite sides of the bed, they somehow find a way to scoot towards each other and need to be touching. 

I love watching their cuddles and I can't believe how lucky we are that they get along so well. They still get annoyed at each other (too much cuddling, one isn't getting enough attention from us, etc), but at the end of the day they love each other.  I can't wait to watch their friendship and sister bond grow as they get older.

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