Conversations With Cora : Part V

I'm not doing that great of a job documenting the hilarious things Cora says lately since she's basically always funny.  Here are a couple ones that I remembered to write down:
Discussing what we're going to have for dinner
"Whoever had a lot of birthdays gets to pick Skyline... I had a lot of birthdays so I pick Skyline"
She does this where she'll say something like "whoever's name is Cora gets to pick to go on a walk" or other silly things like that when we're trying to make decisions.

"I call you step mudder, cause we are the evil step sisters!"
Discussing her nails:
"I slept and slept then BOOP, they were long!"

"I want a brother.  Girls are too loud.  I'm trying to sleep, but Ida keeps waking me up. (not true) Go to sleep Ida *SIGH"

When showing Ida her firefly jar:
"Ida, It's nature, Ida! Look it's nature!"
When Ben was taking a bath:
"You look like your old self, Dad! ...with your big old clown hair."

GLUBS = gloves
TA TA! = replacement for Tada!
In these pictures, Cora was drawing the two of us with lots of legs. She got annoyed because my legs were somehow longer than hers... even though she is the one drawing them. "What the heck mom! Why are you legs longer than mine?!"

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