Master Bedroom : More Progress

This month, I joined ThriftDiving's 30 day room makeover challenge to get as much stuff in the bedroom done as possible. I had a little hiccup in the middle of the month and didn't get much done for the middle two weeks, but I'm happy with the amount of progress we've made so far. Check out this post to see where we left off.
We spend a lot of time in here just hanging out with the girls, watching movies, reading, cuddling, rough housing, and playing.  I wanted to make this a place filled with love and family.  I got a bunch of pictures that I love of different combinations of the five of us (including Clove).  Each picture makes me so happy to look at and I love this little wall of family. 
The brackets for the shelf are from IKEA and I was originally going to use it for my closet, but figured this would be the perfect spot. I had this piece of wood that I got from a pallet salvage place and Ben cut it down to size for me.  It had some writing on the side, but it mostly came off when I oiled the piece down.  I'm thinking about tracing over the letters to add a little bit of character, but I haven't decided yet. It's the perfect little shelf for our speakers, my planner/journal, and a little box of photos.  
I picked out some black and white curtains and hung them in Ben's studio (door on the left). I sewed them together so both sides are showing pattern and we can block out more of the light when he's working in there at night. We also hung up one of the tapestries I bought when I traveled to Burkina Faso.
We made plans to build a larger headboard and bed that is layered in front with this upholstered headboard.  I had all of the parts for the upholstered part, so I went ahead and built that before we get to building the rest of the piece. 
I was surprised at how easy and fairly inexpensive building this headboard was. First, I upholstered this piece with some plain fabric and then created a slipcover so that I would be able to take this off and wash it.  Knowing that we have messy toddlers and love to have 'picnics' and movies in bed, the slipcover was totally necessary.  I'll share a tutorial on that soon.

We're about halfway done, so here is where we are on the to do list:
+ Replace fan. (done, just need pictures)
+ Build bed/side tables.  I have some ideas for this, but no official plans yet.
+ Build/upholster headboard
+ Hang pictures.  Planning a wall of pictures (kind of like Ashley's)
+ Get rug or FLOR tiles.  This is a tricky room since the bed is covering half of it and the other half is essentially a cut through for the bathroom and man cave.  Thinking FLOR tiles may be the way to go.
+ Mount TV.  Still deciding if I want it in it's current spot or if we want it above the dresser.  Once we decide, we'll put it up since we already have a mount. (we're going to skip mounting this for now)
+ Redo closet. Paint whole closet and put in to place some kind of organization system
+ Make art for above the beds.  I'm thinking of some kind of wall hanging or even hanging some african baskets.  I have a bunch of ideas so I'm putting that off until the bed gets done.
+ Figure out something to do with the giant blank wall... Ben and I are leaning towards a giant black and white photo, but we haven't picked anything yet.
+ Curtains? Or some other window covering? Ida likes looking out the window so she has torn up the blinds (we have breakaway ones and she is constantly being watched, so she isn't in danger), so I'm thinking of a roman shade

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