Life With Ida : 10 Months

This month seemed like a big one for Ida.  She's suddenly seeming less newborn/baby and more baby/toddler. She is always surprising me and I fall more and more in love with her each day.

Ida does a pretty good job moving around, but in the last week or so she has really been moving quickly. I can put her down and move to the next room and she just follows along. Ida likes to see what everyone is doing and is so curious about her surroundings. Ida always follows Cora around when she's moving from room to room upstairs. One afternoon I decided to see what she'd do on the steps.  Without any hesitation or instruction, she scurried up the stairs like a pro.  
The other day, Ida was whining and I didn't have a pacifier with me so I put my finger in her mouth... and felt her first tooth (finally)! I excitedly told Ben and then I clapped.  I was weirdly excited about her first tooth.  Ida smiled the biggest proudest smile and it was so sweet. So far, she hasn't been the happiest teether, but we're slowly finding what works best for her to find a little relief.

We had her 9 month checkup a couple weeks ago.  She was measuring at 10th percentile in height and I'm realizing more and more just how different two kids from the same gene pool can be. I love this little babe and it's kind of nice that she isn't growing up too fast because I'm getting to savor her tiny baby-ness a little bit longer... and if she stays smaller, we'll be able to time our clothing rotation and use a lot of Cora's 1 year old winter clothes where we haven't been able to use a majority of our seasonal clothes so far.
Ida loves her big sister and always wants to know what Cora is up to.  She wants to play with all of Cora's toys and sometimes tease her.  They love to cuddle and tickle each other and need to be around each other constantly. Some mornings when both girls are in my bed, I sneak out and they slowly scooch towards each other to cuddle.  They quickly pick up on each other's sleeping positions and always match.
Ida sleeps almost all the way through the night... except when she was teething. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, she pops and smiles the biggest smile excitedly making a sniffing noise with her nose. She loves spending time with us and needs to be in the same room or being held by me or Ben. Sometimes it gets exhausting carrying her around all of the time, but I love those extra cuddles with my babe.
I love watching Ida grow and learn. Her smile is so bright that her entire face lights up when she's happy. Ida baby has brought so much joy to our life in such a short amount of time. I can't believe that she is so close to turning one and I can't wait to see what the coming months have in store for her.

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