Friends and Ice Cream

We recently just had our first houseguest! Jazz is finally back from her time in Russia and we could not have been more excited to see her. I took a couple of days off work, we made a list of activities we wanted to do, and I enjoyed catching up. I got to visit a ton of places I hadn't been before and we had ice cream nearly every day... that's what I call a good staycation!

The first morning, we walked to downtown Wyoming and got some donuts from the Pastry shop. We had a little donut picnic in the gazebo and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

The first place we went to was The Cone.  I hadn't heard of The Cone until Jazz suggested it... then a couple days later I was at work with Ben and we passed by. I love the giant building and all of the fun 'touristy' type stuff they have there. We caught up with one of our friends from college and enjoyed some soft serve.

We also headed to Green Man Twist for a small treat.  Cora loves their green man twist kids cone and was very excited to hear that strawberry was the flavor of the week (she's always asking for strawberry ice cream). Ida is also a huge fan of ice cream.

We also went on lots of walks at parks, cemeteries, and just hung around the house catching up (will share more pictures of all our adventures soon). I'm so lucky to have a friend that loves my kids.

The girls weren't always the easiest to deal with, but Jazz took it all in stride and was happy to help carry them, strap them in the carseat, and just hang out when the kids were tired. The girls loved hanging out with Jazz and Cora had to be by her side constantly.  She was the perfect guest and my family loved having her around.

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