Date With Cora : Home Depot Workshop

Did you know Home Depot has free DIY Workshops?! I was familiar with that, but I didn't know they had kids workshops until a couple of weeks ago.  I signed Cora up to participate and it ended up being their 20th birthday for kids workshops.
The project they had this month was a DIY Bug House.  They had little packets with all of the pieces and instructions that were easy to follow. Cora had fun joining in on some of the hammering and gluing.
I'm sure it comes as no surprise, but she loved the painting part.  She made sure to cover every square inch of the bug house before we added on the finishing touches.  It only took us less than an hour to make the whole thing, but it was a fun activity that we both enjoyed.
On our way out, we got a balloon and cookies and a pin to show she completed the workshop.  We picked up some supplies that I needed then we headed out.  Since it was still fairly early (I planned to be out of the house until around noon when I was going to pick up Ida from my parent's house), Cora and I went to our favorite date spot... Sam's club.  We were too early for the samples, but we got everything (and more) on our list then got pizza and a slushy.
I love getting to do things with Cora where she has my undivided attention. I'm often distracted with having to get ready for work, cleaning the house, working on projects, or taking care of her little sister, that I don't get very much time where it's just one-on-one undistracted time with the two of us. It was the perfect date with this sweet babe.

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